Saturday, February 14, 2009

Stanford University

Target Patents:

Issue date from Jan.1,1980 to Dec.31,2002

Search Rule

((AN/Stanford AND AN/University) AND ISD/19800101->20021231): 1159 patents.

Assignee Analysis

This analysis reveals players in its field. And also it will reveal alliances.

(priority year base, issue year base)

US CLASS analysis

This analysis reveals whole activities and detail information at the same time.

Click underlined numbers, then you can see the patents lists.

And further click the patent number, then you can find detail information of the patent.

(priority year base, issue year base)

Note:Numbers in main class indicates duplication numbers.

Thus Numbers in sub class matched the amounts of the patents.

1st. US CLASS analysis

1st. US class indicates the technical fields. It will help you for making patent maps.

(priority year base, issue year base)

Note:Numbers in this analysis matches the amounts of patents.


ParentCaseText indicates the history of the patents.

Assignees are attempting to expand their inventions as various patents.

This ParentCaseText reveals us which patents are more important.

In this table,vertical axis indicates original year. Horizontal axis indicates issued year.

Priority vs Issue year


In the technical development,there should be KEY ENGINEERs.

Finding such key engineers , analyzing their technical background ,then you can easily defend your company from their patents.

And also this inventor analysis reveals the development teams in your competitors.

Inventor analysis (priority year base,issue year base)

1st inventor analysis (priority year base,priority year base)

Claim number analysis

Patent enhancement usually makes the number of claims larger.

The old patent with many claims is a threat.

Vertical axis is indicating the number of claims, horizontal axis is indicating the priority year.

claim number vs priority year


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